I was recently featured as a #GamineBae on my dear friend Ty's blog. Head over to Agamine.com to check out my top things to do in DC.

Yum: #Yona

If you know me then you know two things:

1. I have a sickening obsession with HGTV
2. I can eat Ramen until the day I die (which will hopefully be in my sleep at 90 years old)

I finally got to Yona after hearing el BF rave about the Ramen and me secretly wanting to kick him in the shins for not taking me to enjoy said Ramen.  Anywho...I crossed the bridge over to NOVA to gobble up the buns and the Miso Porky Ramen. After eating at Yona I can totally see why Chef Jonah Kim won the Rammy for Rising Culinary Star of the Year. The food is delicious. It was hard not to devour all of the small plate offering but I had to save room for the Ramen after all that is what I came for. The broth was pure happiness, the pork cooked to perfection (totally ask for extra pork btw), and the poached egg took it over the edge (lol). 

 Yona definitely makes it into my top 5 Ramen spots in the DMV area. 

Mel's Life: What I ate for my Birthday Dinner

I turned old 29 this past Tuesday and decided to try Masseria with my good friend and fellow food enthusiasts (aka literally eating money) Naddia. Masseria is located in the old Florida Ave Market side of the newly renovated Union Market here in DC. It is an oasis amongst warehouses and a pleasant surprise if you are not searching for it.

The cuisine is coastal European and takes you on a blended journey through Italy and Greece. A clear nod to Chef Nicholas Stefanelli's background. For dinner I decided to go with 4 courses because I decided to devour loaded baked potato fries at Bar Deco because I am a savage.
 Anyway...I digress.... 
I almost had a near death experience straight out of the gate because I was half listening to the bread plate description. Of course the first thing I decided to eat had seafood in it. So I had to hightail it to a nearest pharmacy and inhale a Benadryl. Long story short...I scared our server to death but I survived. 

For my first course I had Pinzimonio which is a light and refreshing vegetable salad. My second course I had the Carne Curda which is veal tartare with black truffle and parmigiano.  AMAZING...
For my third course I had the BUE, aged sirloin steak. The Texan in me couldn't pass up the opportunity to enjoy a well cooked piece of steak. My fourth and final course was dessert. I believe I had the Torta Al Cioccolato, I am not exactly sure because the Benadryl had kicked in at this point. However my dessert was eyerollingly good.

Mel's Life: #SweetSweetTnT

Last week I got to witness another friend get hitched, this time in Trinidad. My friend made a gorgeous bride and looked absolutely radiant. It was such an island wedding. I loved every moment of it. The day after the wedding a couple of friends and I went to Maracas Beach, where I urged them to get a Bake and Shark (fyi you cannot go to the beach and not get bake.) Last year when I was in Trinidad with my mom I did not get to go to the beach so I happily soaked up all the sun I could take. Luckily this time I did not get sunburnt (look at God). 

On Monday we went to Tobago for a day trip. We took a glass bottom boat and checked out the coral reefs and eventually ended up at the famous Nylon Pool. If you are in Tobago you HAVE to get to the Nylon Pool. The water is beautiful and most importantly shallow (lol). Hopefully the next time I am in Trinidad I will get to spend more time in Tobago. It's the perfect getaway spot for a slow paced vacation. 

Mel's Life: Texas Weddings and BBQ

Last weekend my friends got married (yay!) in the great state of Texas. As y'all know I am a Texan and I couldn't of been more excited to head to my home state to witness my friends get hitched. It was such an amazing weekend filled with laughs, tears, BBQ, and a swag surf gone wrong (the swag was too strong jic you were wondering). 

Congrats to the Allens :)