Are You a Sam?

My guilty pleasure (very guilty) is Jersey Shore. I am not exactly sure why I watch this show but I do. I am so turned off by Sam and Ronnie's relationship. I am even more so turned off with Sammi. (Ronnie too) 

Girls like Sam throw me for a loop. They know they're in a toxic relationship, break up with their boyfriends, and then plead to get back together. 

Rinse and repeat. 
WHY?!!! I really don't get it.

It's like this girl thrives off of drama. I am sure we have all broken up with a boyfriend ( or w/e) and  have resumed a relationship. However, at what point does it become ridiculous? I'm pretty sure Ron and Sam are at that point. Granted they decided to end their relationship but is it really over?

What do y'all think about girls who just cannot walk away from relationships?

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ratedH said...

i think this is a good blog and a good point. i too, find some sick twisted pleasure in watching Jersey Shore..although i still for the life of me cant figure it out.

I too, cant stand the ronnie & sam relationship. However, i do think this relationship is a staple relationship in american culture. Its the typical case of a girl wants to be loved, and not knowing her worth settles for this twisted fragment of love. Ronnie, displays typical desires of many men. They want to play around in the streets but they also want a girl at home for more or less comfort purposes. I think it all boils down to not really knowing what love means and how to display love to one another.