Its a Wrap for VH1's Basketball Wives

I am not sure how familiar you all are with the show Basketball Wives? If you are not too familiar with the show ill give you recap. BBW went from a guilty pleasure reality TV show a la Jersey Shore to complete mayhem. There are not many shows out there that have a majority cast of African American women and it was sad that the show depicted our women as loose, bullies, and violent. There were many times that I caught myself in complete disgust with these women. At the age of 40 plus one would assume women would learn to deal with their issues without swearing and resorting to laying hands on another person. I often wondered how did these women look their daughters in the eye and how could they not find fault in their behavior? I could not be any more happier that VH1 made the decision to end the series. Maybe now that these women are out of a paycheck they will reflect on the poor decisions they made as women. 

*edited: the show has not actually been confirmed as canceled. Hopefully soon*


Mandi @ theSassyFitMom said...

It's about time! This use to be one of my favorite reality shows but after that last season where Tami bullied the mess out of Meeka, I knew it was only downhill from there. It's a shame they couldn't show more positive interactions with the women. SMH..

EbonyYoungin said...

Hey, where is your source to state VH1 is ending the series. I can't find it on anywhere.

M3lloYellow said...

@EbonyYoungin I reread my source and VH1 only announced the finale. So it may not actually be cancled