American Graffiti

There is this awesome trail by my house that features some pretty interesting Graffiti (i heart graffiti). LP & I had a pretty good time shooting this. Im wearing my favorite belt (recognize it?) and dress.

I hope i get better at taking pictures sooner than later :-/ lol.

Belt - Forever 21
Dress - H&M 
Shoes - Steve Madden



A Maze In Grace said...

Ummm so when are we going to have a blogger date!

You look so cute in your pictures. Your photographer is great! Faith is the worst... she is sooo impatient.

Let me know when you can get together..

M3lloYellow said...

Awwww thanks Grace! We should have a blogger date. Maybe in a week or so?

BeNyonce said...

Tiny ass waist. lol

But cute nonetheless.