Beauty Review: Curls' Blissfull Lengths

I was at my neighborhood Target (aka DC's only Target) with my friend. While perusing down the beauty aisle is stopped in the "ethnic section". You see lately my hair has been rather dry since i ran out of oil and refused to replace it due to sheer laziness.

My friend started raving about Curls naturally I picked up the Curls Kukinut Oil Elixir. I am liking the oil thus far. Not only is the smell is yummy but my hair is loving this oil. It just soaks it up and leaves my hair very moisturized and shiny. What I also like about this oil is that it doesn't leave my hair greasy. (that's the WORST!) I love the fact that it doesn't have mineral, silicones, parabens, petroleum or sulfate oils. It's so hard to find products that do not use those ingredients. I am not sure about the growth aspect of this oil as I have not been using it for that long and I am not really interested in increasing my growth rate. 

Overall I am a happy camper.

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