Hair Today .... Long Tomorrow

I was facebook stalking myself today (don't act like you dont do it too) and going through my pictures from freshmen year. I came across this photo.

Ignore...the ecko...dont judge me


I can't believe how far my hair has come in just six years. Back in the day i couldn't wait til my hair was ponytail-able and now my hair is approaching butt length. (a hair cut is needed for sure)

I have no real secret to my hair growth. When it comes to my hair i really take the less is more approach. I wash it with Garnier shampoo and use olive oil as a hot oil treatment. I switch between the Olive Oil brand loc gel and Taliah Waajid. I retwist when i get sick of my fro locs lol. I really am my hair idk what i'd do without my locs. Certainly not comb my hair lol.

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