It's All In the Bag

I recently got a Halston Brandy bag and i'm in love with it :) .  Not to mention i scored it for a ridiculous price (shout out to Nordstrom Rack).  It's big enough to lug all my crap around...including my laptop.
With the purchase of my new purse it was only natural that i did a "Whats in your bag?" post.


Harija said...

neat tag!

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Ag said...

That Haltson bag is lovely, And the Metro Card took me back to my days in the DMV, making me miss home! you're good btw, not too much junk in your bag, because I am the complete opposite

M3lloYellow said...

lol this happened to be a good day. I usually have shoes, an outfit, and a beverage in my purse as well.