Throw back M3llo...

I was fiddling about on my Macbook and found these old pictures that LP and I took one random day at home.

I'm sure you all recognize the shoes and shorts lol! I am the QUEEN of re-purposing. :)

I must confess I never wore this AA body suit out in public and probably never will. I swear it was ridden into the ground. 

Boredom at its finest lol :)




Tereza Anton said...

This is a really sexy outfit, the shoes are hot.

God's Favorite Shoes! said...

Would you not consider turning the AA top backwards? That would be sexy right?

you should try it!

If it's a bodysuit...and you never wear it anyway...maybe you could cut the crouch off to make it a tank and wear it backwards. Just a suggestion. It could be hella sexy but not as a revealing that way (assuming that's why you won't wear??

M3llo Yellow said...

THATS GENIUS! Sooo trying that!