Throw back M3llo...

I was fiddling about on my Macbook and found these old pictures that LP and I took one random day at home.

I'm sure you all recognize the shoes and shorts lol! I am the QUEEN of re-purposing. :)

I must confess I never wore this AA body suit out in public and probably never will. I swear it was ridden into the ground. 

Boredom at its finest lol :)




Tereza {Drastic Plastic} said...

This is a really sexy outfit, the shoes are hot.

GFS said...

Would you not consider turning the AA top backwards? That would be sexy right?

you should try it!

If it's a bodysuit...and you never wear it anyway...maybe you could cut the crouch off to make it a tank and wear it backwards. Just a suggestion. It could be hella sexy but not as a revealing that way (assuming that's why you won't wear??

M3lloYellow said...

THATS GENIUS! Sooo trying that!