Are You In or Are You Out?!?!!

Today I decided to start a diet a mucccch needed diet. I have been noticing an added bounce in my step and its definitely not from confidence lol. With my new found jigglyness I find myself cringing with each step I make. Well I finally am putting my foot down...or should I say my fork. I'll miss my beloved croissants, peanut m&ms, and other deliciously calorie ridden foods.

However...I don't want to do it alone. I am extending the offer to my lovely readers to join me. I will be dieting until I go to Miami in October. 

Are you in or are you out?


ratedH said...

i'm in, you goin carnival?

M3lloYellow said...

Sweet lets do this. No Im going the week after carnival.

Rach said...

good luck with your diet! Motivation is key!