Excercise...It Makes You Happy!

Today I woke up melancholy due to a number of reasons, but no particular one reason. (I know that makes no sense...) You know one of those days where you wake up and think im 24, single, and I have no real sense of where im heading career wise. Yeah...it was one of those days. 

Any who...

My friend suggested I work out my sadness and that I did. I love love love Exercise TV! There are soooo many exercise videos to download for low prices, and they even have free streaming videos. What I really love about the website is that I do not have to leave home to get a good workout. I decided to try the Total Knockout Body video and I really enjoyed it. I never tried kick boxing until today and I can see myself getting addicted. (I picture myself kicking ex-boyfriends and such lol) I'm sooo out of shape its disgusting but thats another post in itself.

I felt so much better after working out. 
What do you all do to get over a bout of sadness?

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