Miami Prep

I've been trying to get my fit on by jump roping and running. I have been sore for a couple of days but i'm loving it. I'm hoping to be beach ready by October since i'll be heading to SOBE. I've been trying to stick to a stern 1200 calorie a day diet, but i must admit today I had a BK cheese burger and fries. (I'm still below 1200 though...but not too below :( ) 
Don't judge wasn't my fault, the burger was waiting downstairs for me. I didn't even ask for it but i couldn't let it go to waste lol.

I want to get back to this. (2007)

or just get Ms. JanJan to continue taking good pictures at this angle and wear 5 inch heels all the time lol...

ahhhh what a good angle will do!

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