My Fix

Every girl needs MAC's Fix + in their makeup bags!!!! I swear buy this stuff. It's like a reset button for your makeup. Just a couple sprays and not only does your skin feel refreshed your 12 hr made up face looks renewed and less greasy. (maybe that's just me with the oily face lol)

I also use Fix + to set my foundation. Sometimes I have a tendency to look a little ashy with certain foundations which isn't a good look at all. I dont know what it does to take away that ashen look but its all good with me :-p


Unknown said...

I LOVE Fix+ as well. I use a mousse foundation as my cover-up. Before I apply it on my face, I spray my stippling brush with fix+ and it helps give my foundation a flawless finish! LOVE!!

-Cherrie <3

M3lloYellow said...

ill have to try that! i love this stuff so many uses for it