Hair Care Products

When it comes to my hair products I usually try to keep it simple. (aka Im broke lol) When I was newly natural I was gung-ho super natural girl. Nothing was touching my head unless it was additive free and uber natural. Then I realized that ish was expensive! So now I try to balance out with products that all natural ingredients and products that list additives/chemicals further down in there ingredients. 

With that being said here is the the list of my current products in rotation:

1. Kinky Curly's Knot Today - I use this to tame my 'fro locs. It leaves my hair super soft. (shout out to Kim for leaving it at my house :p )

2. Taliah Waajid's Lock it Up - I use this to retwist my locs. It does not leave my hair flaky, ashy, or heavy. I think it would make a good gel for twist outs for the loose hair girlies. (jealous) 

3. Blue Magic's Coconut Oil - Yessss I knooooow!!!! I busted out the Blue Magic. Call me ghetto! lol (shrug)  Any who.. I mix the coconut oil with my locing gel. I learned that trick from a friend. It gives the gel a extra hold and leaves my scalp/hair moisturized. 

4. Garnier Fructis shampoo - I just choose any one really. It is cheap and it works. 

What products do you swear by for natural haircare? I'll try anything once. 



Anonymous said...

Hey its courtney! Thanks for the post! I SWEAR by Aussie moist. Ooooooh its so WONDERFUL for detangling, co washing & is like 2.50 a bottle. It's crack rocks for my hair!!!! That and shea moisture products. Everything by them is 9.99(!), and the ingredients are great. I've tried the expensive stuff (ie miss jessies, carls daughter) & not only did it not work half the time but that ish is high!!!!! Other than that its Eco styler gel, and I hit up amazon/the local Indian store for oils.

Anonymous said...

Ps I'm going to try #2. In a true product junkie and have seen it around beauty supplies. I have fought the urge to buy it, but no more! Have you tried the lemon lime jamacian line of hair products?

M3lloYellow said...

Hey girl! I'll most def check out the stuff you mentioned. I have a friend who loves Shea Moisture stuff as well. I've used the Jamaican stuff but i wasn't really a fan of there gel. I thought it left my hair dry. The oil was ok...but I really love the Bliss oil. You should try it.

Anonymous said...

Bliss oil? By who? *slow*