Haute or Not: The Grammys

As many of you Fashionistas know the Grammys were held last night in LA and like many of you my eyes were glued to the red carpet. Many celebs brought their A-game last night (Hi! Rihanna) and well...some not so much.

The HAUTE List!

These ladies looked amazeballs last night. Ironically they were all donning black dresses but each had their own vibe. Rihanna permanently secured herself as my girl crush! Talk about sexy! Last night I realized not only is Adele's voice beautiful but she is stunner as well. She deserved every award she received.

The NOT List

What can I say about these looks. Besides No! No! No! I don't even know where to begin with Nikki Minaj, it's so tragic because she is such an attractive woman and she decides to do things like this. If she likes...I love it. While it was nice to see Taylor Swift switch her style up a bit I was simply not feeling this look at all. I cannot quite put my finger on it. Robyn! Robyn! Robyn! two words "Ill Fit". Snooki is...well Snooki so I really can't expect much from her lol.

Fashionistas who made your Haute or Not List?


Tereza {Drastic Plastic} said...

Adele looked amazing! I love everything about her.

GFS said...

I agree with all of your picks! I was ok with Adele's red carpet look (I kinda want her to wear some color) but that dress she performed in was EVERYTHING!

Rihanna's body and dress was sick! I was like get it girl!

I enjoyed Gweneth's look too. She looked toned.

I refuse to even discuss Nicky Minaj because I fear talking about her will lead me straight to the pits of hell1 #shescaresmenow

M3lloYellow said...

@Tereza I totally agree! She is FAB!

@GFS LOL! Rihanna makes me want to banish all food from the world lol. I'll grab the some Holy Water for Miss Minaj next time im in church lol