D.I.Y. Painting

Recently I have been hit with the craft bug. I just want to paint and create pretty much anything. The walls in my bed a room are so blah and i've been trying to find the right painting forever (at the right price...can you say broke college student!). After perusing the awesomeness that is Google, I came across a blog called Makeunder My Life.  Jess made these incredible painting of a chevron pattern that I just had to try.

Taken from Makeundermylife.com

Jess' paintings
Materials needed:Materials Used:
  •  stretched canvases 
  •  acrylic paint
  • Large, soft bristled brush
  • 1 roll blue painters tape 
  • Chevron pattern stencil found on Sunset.com via Kelly and Olive
Taken from Makeundermylife.com

After printing out your stencil you are going to use the thumbtacks to mark the zig-zag patterns. You do this by placing a thumbtack at every point on the stencil. (Peaks and Valleys) After this fill in the where the white would be on the stencil with blue painters tape.

Afterwards I just filled in the canvas with paint and waited for it to dry. After the paint had dried I removed the painters tape.

My finished product.My paintings are no where near as perfect as Jess' but I love them. The imperfections make them my own.


Unknown said...

I love love it. very inspiring! i am following you via GFC.
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sepatuholig-Grace Njio said...

GREATTTTT JOB! Well done...

Mandi said...

You did a great job-- I need to tap into my creativity more and try something like this.