iLife: The Weekend

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I got this lovely skirt at H&M to wear to a wedding that I never made it to o_0.

Riding around in the country. Headed to the wedding we never made it to! Lol

 Triplets! Without fail my friends and I always end up dressed similar.
(All Pastel Everything)

The food we destroyed on Cinco de Mayo. Yumm!

The Roomies.


My cousin Zuri a style maven in the making. 

<3 Mel

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Tereza {Drastic Plastic} said...

Beautiful selection of photos, I love the lace dress from the first image.

M3lloYellow said...

Thank you! I managed to spill soda on it smh ;)

Chic Therapy said...

your little cousin is so cute

M3lloYellow said...

Her mom said thank you lol