iLife: Life Via iPhone Pics

Here is another peek of my life through iPhone pics (yay!). 

We had a killer storm in the DC area not too long ago and as a result 5 trees fell on that guy of mines house. :-( I have always and will always enjoy chewing the fat over drinks con mis amigos! I'm not sure if I told y'all that I come from a West Indian family (Trinidadian & Jamaican to be exact). I get pangs for the food I grew up eating sometimes, so I decided to make Jamaican stew chicken and rice and peas. I can't lie it was pretty good for my first time. However, practice makes perfect. I celebrated the birthdays of two of my favorite people! (Hey Jess & Sim-Siema!). I went to the Frank Ocean concert and I LOVE that man ugh! He is honestly one of my favorite artists and I wish him continued success. Remember when I died on the 4th of July? Yeah....I carry an Epipen now as a direct result of it. I seriously want to go to Trinidad for Carnival as a grad gift to myself and I want this costume! I also found a pretty sweet way to stretch shoes by using a blow dryer. Who-da-thunk-it..

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Forever Young n Fab said...

All I see is some good food and drinks kinda girl