Work Out Motivation

I have watched myself go from a size 4 to a size 6 to my current size 8. I have found myself not loving my body to the fullest lately. I used to be a gym rat until one fateful day I lost my sports bras (only to discover them months later mixed up in my sisters clothes). I know... I know... I know I should've just bought new ones instead of slacking off. Now im finding it so hard to get the motivation to work out even though i'm unhappy with current state. What is odd about this whole situation is that I LOVE the feeling I get after a great workout and yet I still remain stagnant. How do you guys find the motivation to workout? I need serious help!


Entice Diamante said...

I can mosy definitely sympathize with you! I am forever on the up and down, love and hate relationship with the gym. I've decided to work into it, find a nice balance.. in time.. the motivation is there, just finding time in an ever changing schedule always seems to be a challenge.

- Entice

M3lloYellow said...

So true! I need to find my balance as well.