Mel's Life: Home Update

It has almost been a month since I moved and I am slowly getting things together. I have really been focusing on the living room because theoretically it is the space that I spend the most time in (once I kick my bed addiction). I envision myself hosting drinking  dinner parties and game nights. Honestly, this is probably just a fantasy but its a good fantasy darn it!

 I have a confession...

I wasn't born a African princess (gasp...I know) and because of this I must scour the internet to find affordable furniture. I must say I have found some pretty amazing deals on Craigslist, Amazon, and good old IKEA.

I want to create a space that is bright, airy, and filled with greenery (yay plants!). I do not have a theme or exact concept. I do know what I want the space to feel relaxing. I want anyone who walks into the apartment to immediately feel like they've entered a stress free zone (unless they are helping put together IKEA furniture. Thanks Naddia!). 

I hope you guys enjoy my space so far. Like God...I luhhh it.

Until next update...

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