Mel's Life: New Space

So I finally moved and have slowly began decorating my space. It is kind of a surreal experience as I have dreamed of decorating a whole apartment for so long and boom here it is (so stoked!). I recently purchased a gorgeous dresser from I am absolutely in love with this dresser! The lines are clean, and the detailed on the center drawers give it a little visual interest. I am not exactly sure of the direction that I am going with the apartment. I just want it to be an organic experience and I pray that it doesn't turn into a hot mess (lol). 

So far I am liking the new 'hood even though it is essentially a retirement community. I sometimes miss being a bus/train ride away from downtown and my friends. In reality, I am not that far at all but DC living really makes anything over a 15 minute commute seem like the opposite of a fantastic voyage. Other than that I have no real major complaints. 

I will be sure to update the blog when I get new pieces. 

PS this place has friggin' amazing natural light and I loves it!

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