That's Dope: The Internet

So, I confess I am late to the game. Like, got invited to go to an Internet concert last Friday and didn't go because I kept forgetting to listen to the music late in the game. I finally sat my butt down and listened to The Internet's latest release Ego Death and let me tell you I am here for it. In my defense the only person I paid attention to in Odd Future was Frank Ocean. I listened to Tyler the Creator from time to time but sometimes he left me feeling like I needed to bathe myself in the holiest of holy water. Due to this, the band completely flew under my radar (the group is no longer associated with Odd Future btw).

Anywho, I digress. 

Ego Death is nothing short of amazing and has become one of my new favorite albums. It's a perfect blend of Jazz, Neo Soul, and Hiphop. I will totally wear this out until Erykah Badu or Corinne Bailey Rae decide to drop a new album.

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