Life Musings: Doubt

In my last post I spoke on how I allowed fear to hold me back from reaching my full potential. Well guys, I'm sad to say that fear has an ain't sh*t cousin named doubt (that family ain't ain't right at all). Essentially, all my life I have been told that I was an intelligent young woman and I have what it takes to be successful. When I heard this I would respond with a side eye. 

Who me? 

Nahhh...not me. 
Couldn't be.

Then who?

You see, I always looked at myself as a Jill of all trades but a master of none. Whether it be with design, photography, styling etc. I could never see myself being successful in any of these roles no matter how much people said I was good at it...because doubt. I have mad (crazy) skills but I still feel like I need a traditional education for everything that I do or its not valid and that's ludicrous! It may even possibly be insane. Especially, since no degree can validate me unless I stand firm in myself belief. Better yet nothing can validate me except myself.

Does anyone else struggle with this?

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