What Ya Been Up to Girl?

Hey guys, long time no see (for like the millionth time...sowwie). I hope the new year has been treating each and everyone of you well.  So far I cannot complain. I started my grad school classes (I still cannot believe it) and I have been kicking serious grad school butt. I just wanted to give y'all a little update on what's been going on with me because I am the world's worst blogger lol. Essentially I have been working, schooling, and brunching. Literally in that order. Lately, I have been feeling like I do not have anything interesting to share with the blogosphere so I haven't been blogging. Hopefully some inspiration swings my way (swing it over here shawty). 

Anywho...I leave you guys with a food pic from my recent brunch at Convivial. If you are in DC or visiting DC you MUST dine at  Convivial! The food! Nothing short of amazing.

xo -Mel

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