Mel's Life: #SweetSweetTnT

Last week I got to witness another friend get hitched, this time in Trinidad. My friend made a gorgeous bride and looked absolutely radiant. It was such an island wedding. I loved every moment of it. The day after the wedding a couple of friends and I went to Maracas Beach, where I urged them to get a Bake and Shark (fyi you cannot go to the beach and not get bake.) Last year when I was in Trinidad with my mom I did not get to go to the beach so I happily soaked up all the sun I could take. Luckily this time I did not get sunburn (look at God). 

On Monday we went to Tobago for a day trip. We took a glass bottom boat and checked out the coral reefs and eventually ended up at the famous Nylon Pool. If you are in Tobago you HAVE to get to the Nylon Pool. The water is beautiful and most importantly shallow (lol). Hopefully the next time I am in Trinidad I will get to spend more time in Tobago. It's the perfect getaway spot for a slow paced vacation. 

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