Yum: #Yona

If you know me then you know two things:

1. I have a sickening obsession with HGTV
2. I can eat Ramen until the day I die (which will hopefully be in my sleep at 90 years old)

I finally got to Yona after hearing el BF rave about the Ramen and me secretly wanting to kick him in the shins for not taking me to enjoy said Ramen.  Anywho...I crossed the bridge over to NOVA to gobble up the buns and the Miso Porky Ramen. After eating at Yona I can totally see why Chef Jonah Kim won the Rammy for Rising Culinary Star of the Year. The food is delicious. It was hard not to devour all of the small plate offering but I had to save room for the Ramen after all that is what I came for. The broth was pure happiness, the pork cooked to perfection (totally ask for extra pork btw), and the poached egg took it over the edge (lol). 

 Yona definitely makes it into my top 5 Ramen spots in the DMV area. 

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