Father's Day was this past Sunday, and I am grateful for my Dad every single day.  After all he is where I get my love of science and nature from. I never really thought about my dad's style until I was inspired by Bonobos. My Dad's style has gone unnoticed because I am typically raiding my mom's closet for awesomeness and praying she doesn't notice (lol).

I would describe my dad's style as comfortable and functional. My dad is very much a jeans and shirt type of guy but can mix things up when he is going out. That's why the chinos at Bonobos are perfect for him and any man who needs a multi-functional wardrobe. After all, who doesn't need a wardrobe that can do both?! Dad can easily pair the chinos with a pair of sneakers for an insta-casual look or  trade the sneakers for a pair of loafers for a dressier night time look.

Next time I am searching for wardrobe gems I might have to take a peak into my Dad's closet. Cheers to dad style! 

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