Eclipse Season

The solar eclipse was magical! I felt such a renewed energy that I had been missing for a long time. Architectural Digest suggests that "[the eclipse] symbolizes a time of darkness and spiritual renewal, offering an opportunity for introspection and the shedding of old energies." I couldn't agree more. It feels good to shed past versions of myself to unveil a new me who is unbelievably confident and sure of myself. I am so incredibly blessed, happy, and at peace.

Years ago I couldn't picture myself where I am now and am truly living out an actualized goal. I have traveled around the world (with some dope vacations planned this year) and have the best friends/family on the planet. I've seen many good omens lately that reaffirm that the Universe is looking out for me. Life has been good and I am so incredibly grateful! 

What should be a stressful period in my life has turned out to be the opposite. I spent some money and literally the next day received twice the amount back. Strangers have been telling me that I have a beautiful spirit. I finally did a 3-turn during my ice skating lessons (Ive been trying for a year!!). It is kind of wild honestly but it just goes to show you to listen to your gut/universe when they're trying to warn you/protect you and you will be rewarded. 

Happy growing 

xo - M

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